Coursework for Module 12

Administration of Neohumanist Schools 

Here some topics address the teacher as a colleague and the teacher as a citizen ( public relations, sociology, politics). Other topics would be related to the organization and administration of a educational project, classroom or facility.

I. Introduction 

II. The Administrators

1. Acarya

2. Director

3. Teachers

4. Evaluation


III. Management of Administrative Tasks

1. Legal matters

2. Finance

3. Documentation

4. Correspondence

5. Day-to-day management


IV. Overseeing Building and Grounds

1. Physical Premises and Learning Environment

2. Maintenance of Property and Assets

3. Cleaning


V. Overseeing the Teachers and Staff

1. Staff Employment, Training and Supervision

2. Evaluation and Inspection

3. Communication 


VI. Overseeing the Children and the Program

1. Enrolment

2. School Policies

3. Curriculum

4. Evaluation of Program and Students


VII. Outreach

1. Public Relations and Communication

2. Notice Board

3. Parent Involvement

4. Communication with Parents

5. Association with Other Organisations

6. Link with the Wider Community

7. Educational Counselling, Guidance and Support Services


VIII. Resources

1. Organisational Guidelines for Schools

2. Resource Information Handbook

3. Library


IX. Coursework



The teacher has general knowledge of school administration as discussed in this module.  The teacher has skills for communicating with colleagues, parents and community members.