Coursework for Module 11

The Learning Environment in Early Childhood Education

 In this module the student explores the child appropriate physical arrangements for indoors and outdoors. They examine educational material from different educational theories and consider the cultural and social importance while choosing the set up of a learning environment. This module also covers safety of equipment and the aesthetic aspects of educational  material and the environment.

I. Introduction

II. History of Early Childhood Learning Environments 

III.  NHE Learning Environment Design

  1. Children, Families and Community
  2. Building and Grounds
  3. Aesthetics
  4. The Natural World and Ecological Awareness
  5. Flexible Space –Indoors and Outdoors
  6. Educational Materials and Learning Centers

IV. Use of Learning Environment

V. Safety and Maintenance

VII.  Course work

Competency in Setting up of a Neohumanist Learning Environment

  • The student has a clear understanding of the elements of a design of a Neohumanist learning environment for Early Childhood. 
  • The student is able to set up a learning environment adjusting to the given circumstances and culture.