Module 10 - Social Context of Learning – 3 Credits

In this module, the student begins to examine the child in connection to the wider society.  The child's world consists of first, the family, then the extended family, significant others, and finally the community.  Many social problems have an impact on a child's learning.  These include poverty, racism, divorce, abuse, and neglect.  In many cases, the school provides a safe haven for the child from difficult social conditions.  In this module you will learn how social conditions affect children and their learning, how to identify problems that might be occurring in their lives, and what are appropriate interventions to take.  

This module will also include the study of gender and how to create an educational atmosphere that is not biased in any way.  It will also look at the importance of fostering positive relationships (between children, between parents and children, between teachers and children, teachers and parents, etc.).  It will examine the role of the school in the community, and how to create an environment that serves as a centre of community activities.

I.  Introduction

 II.  Creating Emotionally and Socially Healthy Schools

·        NHE Teachers and Staff

·        NHE Principles and Curriculum

·        Fostering Emotional Health and Safety

·        Fostering Positive Relationships, Communication and Conflict Resolution

·        Rules and Discipline

·        Nurturing Empathy and Generosity

·        Creating a Non-Biased Atmosphere

·        Health and Nutrition

·        Families and Teachers Working Together

·        Role of the School in the Community


IV. Identifying Problems

·        Negative Effects of Poverty

·        Learning Disabilities

·        Language Communication Disorders

·        Emotional, Mental or Behavioral Disorders


V. Appropriate Interventions

·        School Policies

·        Child Study Teams

·        Family Counseling

·        Addressing Physical and Sexual Abuse

·        Grief Counseling

·        Contacting Parents

·        Community Working as a Team


Competency in Social Context of Learning

The teacher has basic knowledge of the elements of an emotionally and socially healthy school and how to foster them.  The teacher has basic knowledge of the impact of negative environmental and societal factors on child development and learning. The teacher is able to identify children at risk and apply appropriate interventions. The teacher is aware of models and resources that try to counteract these negative influences.